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Discussion in 'General' started by karlfp, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. karlfp New Member

    I keep running into a dead end and it's starting to really annoy me....

    I keep searching for ideas, help or see if other people have had the same issues and 95% of the time the links are to the old forums which can't be accessed.

    I am now looking for: "Another very useful addition is this patch which provides clients the intelligence to use the closest node." Guess what? It's in the old forums and I can't get to it.

    Is there anywhere, anyhow access to the old forums can be reinstated? At least in a read only format?

    Can anybody offer any ideas or where I might find the above article?
  2. Catsrules Member

    The only way I have figure out how to do this, it to use the google cached, but I tried to go to the link you posted and it doesn't look like it was cashed. :(

    I would love them to be back up only if they are read only, because having two forms for one product gets confusing. And I like these forms better anyways.

    I guess for now, just start asking your questions here so we can build up the content on these new forms.
    I would be nice to have access to the old forms so, the information can be re posted on these new forms.

    If we are making a list of the forms toppic we want I am trying to find the second page on this topic, to image extended partitions in fog.
  3. Kevin Community Manager

  4. DJCminuz New Member

    Dont mean to hijack, but is there a little instruction or how to to install the patch.? Thanks
  5. Catsrules Member

  6. karlfp New Member

    Thanks all. This is going to help a huge amount. I cannot thank you all for posting these links. I've google'd my heart out and couldn't find anything.
    Thanks again
  7. Lee Rowlett Developer

    Hi karlfp,

    i've only just come across this post, sorry otherwise i would of transferred some instructions on the location patch. the only thing is, this is going to need completely re-writing to work with 0.33 but i was just waiting for blackout to get 0.33 released and then post the patch to correspond but looking at the changes it may even be easier than actually patching the core files.
  8. DJCminuz New Member

    Thanks for the patch, could you post a quick instruction set for .32 and below? I somewhat patched the main server, but they are still pulling from my main server, and not the storage nodes. I created the locations, assigned them to the storage nodes and all. I did see there were 2 downolads I only did the location patch download was I supposed to do the other one?
  9. karlfp New Member

    Hi Lee,
    Wondering if there are any instructions for loading and configuring the patch? I've downloaded both files, but am unsure what to do, and can't remember how to config.. Sorry for being a PITA
  10. Lee Rowlett Developer

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