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Discussion in 'General' started by Mark Playford, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Mark Playford New Member

    Hi All,

    Been using fog now for about 4 months and I love it. It has made such a difference to deploying PC's.

    My one question is, is there any application to open up an image like ghost explorer to retrieve data out of images.

  2. BryceZ Community Manager

    Unfortunately there is no (known) way of modifying the image once it's been uploaded. The easiest solution is to deploy the image to a machine and make whatever changes before re-uploading.
  3. Catsrules Member

    I think he just want to retrieve date from an image with out the need to deploy it to a computer, So just read only access. Is that possible?
  4. BryceZ Community Manager

    Because of the nature of the image files, there is no currently known way of any interaction with the image once it's been uploaded. The Partimage FAQ goes into a little more detail, but the short answer is that you need a block device driver that has never been written, or at least has not been made public if it does exist.
  5. Mark Playford New Member

    Thanks for the replies. You are right, I use it to back up important machines and would have liked to be able to open an images to retrieve users data, like the nickname file that no-one remembers to back up.
  6. Catsrules Member

    So I guess you could image a Virtual PC then boot that up and if it will boot. or mount the virtual hard drive on the physical computer.
  7. viggo New Member

    What i have done is to add winpe to the pxe menu in fog. So when i have made my base image i boot up in windows pe, and save image as an wim file with imagex, and wim files is easy to edit, you have to have a computer with Waik installed thats all!
  8. Dean211 New Member

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