can't have partition outside the disk

Discussion in 'Windows Problems' started by The Dealman, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. The Dealman Member

    i’m running fog 0.32 on a ubuntu-10.04.3 server. on some computers when i attempt to deploy an image i get the error that says “can’t have partition outside the disk” i have tried using different partition tools to work with the partitions. I have tried blank partitions, formatted partitions and nothing seems to work.

    The drives vary in size but none are under 100 gigs and 2 images i use the most are no larger than 25gigs, does anyone have a solution to this ?
  2. rixter New Member

    When you made the image, did you make it with 'ntfs resizable'? If not you will need a disk that is the same size (or larger) than the original one. To my understanding, even if the image is only 25 Gig, it will try to write 0's across the remainder of the disk until it reaches the original size. Someone correct me if I am wrong about this.
  3. The Dealman Member

    one is windows xp and that one is resizable. The other one which is a windows 7 image that is not resizable and if i understand correctly it must be deployed to a drive exactly like the one the image was taken from...
  4. rixter New Member

    My win7 images are setup for 'Single Partiton (NTFS Only, Resizable)' and seem to work fine (I think fog expects the extra 100mb hidden partition when you tell the image its windows 7). On your XP machine if you still have the original setup, do a defrag, then chkdsk /f, and reboot and let it scan, then reboot at least 2 more times (something I read about a few months ago) and it might fix your issue. You should always chkdsk /f before uploading a windows image.
  5. The Dealman Member

    I know it runs a chkdsk after the image is deployed and i havent anyone metion doing it before you upload the image. But i images are sysprepped before they are uploaded so i dont think a chkdsk matters in that scenario.....but as far as the windows xp image goes i have no problem deploying it to other computers it's just every once in a while i run to it. Right now i have a desktop setting next to that i get that error on no matter what i do though
  6. rixter New Member

    Of course it matters, the reason to run chkdsk is to fix hard drive issue (file index's, truncated files, etc.) so running it before you upload is very important, as you don't want corrupted data to be uploaded. ntfsresize is a tool that runs within the fog environment, and if you have disk issues it will normally let you know, but not always. Sysprep only prepares the files and registry for an image creation, it doesn't touch the disk structure. As a matter of fact, I rarely use sysprep on xp anymore, with windows 7 though its important. Defragging before you image can reduce your image size drastically as well, when you have 'unorganized' data spanning across 10 gigs, but only are using 4 gigs of space, it picks the last place on the disk there is data and creates the image based on that. I have solved SEVERAL ghosting issues by using those 2 tools before I upload the image. Even issues that crop up after the deployment can be fixed by that.
  7. The Dealman Member

    i'll keep that in mind but the image i'm trying to deploy right now is the windows 7 image, the windows xp works on this one
  8. rixter New Member

    If you can, deploy that windows 7 image on another machine, create a new image, this time make it resizable, run chkdsk /f, push it back to the server under the new image, then try it again on the machine that is having problems.

    If you can't do this, I am not sure of any other options you have. (possibly creating a partition the exact size of the one from the machine it was pulled from?)
  9. The Dealman Member

    I have my windows 7 image that is not resizable because it has 2 partitions that it created when i installed windows 7 from scratch.
  10. Blackout Developer

    You should be chkdsk'ing before syspreping. Sysprep does not fix filesystem issues, which can cause images to fail.
    This is espically true for resizable images.

    This is true.

    You should be chkdsk'ing and defragging before taking up any image, even if you arent using FOG.
  11. The Dealman Member

    ill keep that in mind but my windows 7 image was fresh when i took it and windows xp image i dont really keep up anymore since we are deploying windows 7. The issue now is with this "can't have partition outside the disk" error
  12. Blackout Developer

    Which sounds like the image is too big for the disk, or there is something wrong with the image.
  13. rixter New Member

    If it is the 2 default partitions for windows 7 (one is very small ~100 mb and the other is the rest of the disk) you can still use the NTFS Resizable option on it (fog takes into account that it is for windows 7 and allows this). Again IF you can ghost this back to the original machine and pull it again with the resizable option, I'm betting it will fix your issue.
  14. The Dealman Member

    after doing some more research my windows 7 images is Multiple Partition - Single Disk non resizable. I created the image from a pc that had a drive size of 232.88 gig and i was trying to deploy to a pc that had a drive size of 232.82, since it's not resizable the target drive needs to be the same or larger capacity. What i should have did was build the windows 7 image on the smallest drive i have.....
  15. The Dealman Member

    The only option that is resizable is the Single Partition option which doesnt work because there are 2 partitions, i tried that before and it blue screened on me
  16. totalimpact New Member

    If it is the 2 partitions from Windows 7 (boot and C), it will still resize - its only when it gets beyond the base partitioning scheme of Win 7 (you used 3 partitions?) that resize will fail.
  17. The Dealman Member

    It is those 2 default partitions but In the instructions i read it was suggested to use "Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk" for the image type when creating windows 7 images which doesn't resize. Are you saying that it will ?
  18. totalimpact New Member

    Yes - it will, not sure what instructions show that, but its mentioned all over the forum - use Single Disk/Single Partition for best performance - even on Win 7.
  19. SteveK New Member

    I am having a similiar issue with an XP multi-partition. The image was taken from a 160GB HDD, and I am getting the error trying to image to a 1TB HDD. Do I need to put a partition table on the drive first? It is a blank new drive with nothing on it.
  20. totalimpact New Member

    Have you tried imaging the source drive as Single Drive / Single Partition?

    FOG will create or delete partitions as it sees fit, you should not need to do any partitioning - but in multi partition scenarios, it will not resize the partitions on your new drive, only in single partition mode can it resize.

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