FOG 0.33 - What's coming?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blackout, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Blackout Developer

    I have read some technet blogs saying syspreping isnt required anymore. Personally i dont put too much faith in any technet blogs.
    I'm sure in most cases this could be true, but i have ran into issues that have been solved by syspreping the images.
    If this is really true, why did Windows 7 ship with a sysprep tool pre-installed?

    Syspreping will also alert you to problems (not literately, but by failing) long before you roll your image out.

    IMHO, spend the extra 10minutes and save your self some time.

    FOG does not alter any UUID information.
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  2. Jacob H. Weeks New Member

    Hey Blackout. I'm sure that you have gotten this question a lot and I hate to be that guy, but how close is 0.33 to being available?
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  3. CamC New Member

    I stand by my assertion that you don't NEED to Sysprep, but its certainly a good idea.
    According to Microsoft using Sysprep is the only supported method to clone windows.
  4. The Dealman Member

    How this version coming ? I need this one ASAP that Advanced Format is killing us, we've had to go back to install os from scratch and pushing out snap'ins cause i can't image these type of drives
  5. Kevin Community Manager

    Woo, first post in April on this thread :) But, any news/updates that can be said about .33?
  6. Dave Smith New Member

    Hi fog team Love the Project how close is 0.33 to being available, if u have in counted a bug in 0.33 that u are finding hard to iron out. Throw it out to the ever growing fog community. Maybe one of us can help. Thanks for all the hard work.
  7. falko Community Manager

    There has been some updates recently in the svn.
    Hopefully when the time is right for the devs we will see an RC or beta for the ever growing community to test and feedback to nail any bugs :)
  8. BryceZ Community Manager

    Things have slowed down recently due to the fact that the devs have real jobs and FOG doesn't pay the bills. But if anyone is interested in taking the time to pull from the SVN and do some initial bug testing, keeping in mind that it is NOT production ready, then feel free to post any bugs you find in the Bugs in FOG 0.33 thread. This isn't really a beta or RC yet, but it's getting close, and adventurous devs or sysadmins might be able to help move things along.
  9. protools_operator New Member

    Well, except helping with the code,
    Where is the donation button?:)

    -Edit - I found it, thought there isn't any.
  10. chad-bisd Community Manager

  11. IT @ CC Member

    Any update to version 0.33?
  12. Blackout Developer

    Sadly due to my lack of free time, i have not been able to keep to the time schedule i wanted.

    The code is close to completion. I have rewritten most of the Core code and I'm about 70% way through the Web UI code.

    I have not posted as i do not want to promise a time schedule i cannot keep.

    That being said, the latest code is available in our SVN repo. (

    If you would like to BETA test and post BUG reports that would be most helpful.

    I would create a test VM for this as 0.33 performs database changes that makes it incompatible with the 0.32 code.
  13. Blackout Developer

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  14. Hongyun Member

    FOG is my favourite imaging tool, but I have to remember to make the base image an ext3 partition each time, so if you could make it support ext4, it will be super helpful!!!

  15. ssx4life Member

    check the changelogs, I know that ex4 is in the works.
  16. Blackout Developer

    ext4 should work in the latest SVN
  17. Hongyun Member

    I updated the kernel to 3.3.3, and my Ubuntu 12 computer has 3 primary partitions, two ext4, one swap, when I upload the image, it recognize the ext4 partitions as ext3fs, and then skip uploading, only 934 were bytes saved on the server, but it uploaded the swap partition just fine. why is that?
  18. Blackout Developer

    Because the old version of the file system tools (in the boot image) do not support ext4. This has been fixed in 0.33.
  19. Hongyun Member

    then is 0.33 already released? where can I download it?
  20. falko Community Manager

    it is not released, a beta version is though. I encourage you to install it on a test machine or in virtualbox maybe and provide feedback in the dev forums

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