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Discussion in 'General' started by Kevin, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Kevin Community Manager

    We are all here because FOG has helped us save countless hours of imaging and deploying on our networks. I'm posting this here to see what other opensource software you may use at home or at work. Just throwing out some examples:


    Anyone use anything like those listed above? Of course there is a lot more than just that, but those are some big players in the free/opensource world. I'd love to hear some feedback for those who use them. I personally use Zentyal and PfSense and love them.
  2. falko Community Manager

    While Spiceworks is free, it is not Open Source from what I read. But yes i use Spiceworks

    Proxmox VE
    Virtualbox for storing my 'master' image
    Ubunter Server
    Webmin to manage ubuntu server
    Manjaro Linux
    Libre Office
  3. Tremiata New Member

  4. Steve Ropiak Member

    I like SpiceWorks for monitoring and it's help desk module, but their ads are kind of annoying. it's good enough that I'd buy it to not have the ads. I deployed untangle to a client and they love it. If you need a good CRM, Sugar is awesome. It comes in both Community (Open source) and Enterprise (paid product) flavors.
  5. Bill Arlofski New Member

    We use in-house and deploy to our clients the following open-source products:

    m0n0wall (firewall, VPN, etc)
    pfSense (when m0n0wall is not enough)
    Untangle (for everything that our firewalls do not do)
    Xymon (server & device monitoring)
    Cacti (graphing of network device traffic etc via SNMP)
    FOG (imaging of course)
    xTuple PostBooks (open source ERP)
    Samba (file/print sharing)
    Cerberus (awesome open-source web-based helpdesk system)
    Asterisk (open-source VoIP PBX)
    Webmin (mostly to give non-tech end-users 'safe' access to DHCP reservations etc)
    djbdns (everywhere for DNS)
    packetfence (network access control)
    Bacula (modular, enterprise backup solution)
    Hylafax (network fax solution)
    Apache or nginx (web servers for helpdesk, cacti, FOG, Xymon, etc)
    MySQL and Postgresql databases (use by helpdesk, cacti, asterisk, packetfence, bacula, etc)
    Gentoo (All of our Linux servers are Gentoo, unless a particular software product required Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu or other... I'm looking at you FOG, and packetfence :)

    There's more, but I just can't remember it all right now. :)

  6. Andrew Single New Member

    Zabbix (Network monitoring)
    Smoothwall (We use their commercial product)

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