Ubuntu 11.10 with fog?

Discussion in 'General' started by Duffney, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Duffney New Member

    Has anyone been using Ubuntu 11.10 with fog?
  2. Catsrules Member

    I have used fog .32 on ubuntu 11.10 server and it works fine. It should work on the desktop version as well

    I should mention that was only in a testing environment, I can't speak for it in a production environment.

    But from what I could tell it worked just a fine in 11.10 as it does in 10.10
  3. Mikeh New Member

    Hi, i have fog 0.32 running on ubuntu 11.10 desktop in a live environment. everything was easy to setup.
  4. Mike Mcloughlin New Member

  5. SchoolTechGuy New Member

    Ever since upgrading my Ubuntu to 11.10 I've been getting the garbled "snowy screen" when trying to image some machines (but not all) Mainly my Acer Aspire 722 netbooks and Optiplex 760s. Both worked fine with 10.10. Still trying to fix it.
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  6. William Benney New Member

    I am trying to get Ubuntu 11.10 server running with fog 0.32, but have had trouble. (Had it running on Fedora desktop previously) If I load up the LAMP server, Apache works fine until I install FOG. Since FOG loads it's own PHP/MySQL, etc. I have also tried using a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 with no LAMP server, but either way all I get is "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

    If/when I figure it out, I will re-post.
  7. William Benney New Member


    Not sure which fix took care of it, but:
    1) Another machine on my network (previous fog server which I was re-purposing and on which I had installed fresh copy of windows) had the same IP address as my new fog server.
    2) Made sure to leave SQL password blank - not assign one and then change the "my.cnf" file.
    3) Disabled apparmor (which by default is enabled in ubuntu)
    4) Made sure to enable port 80 in uncomplicated firewall
  8. Catsrules Member

    That same ip address computer would be my bet. When you where trying to open a webpage to your fog server, it was going to the wrong computer, because it had the same IP as the fog server, and because that windows computer isn't hosting a web sight, IE couldn't display the page.
  9. zaadstra New Member

    I have FOG 0.32 running on Lubuntu 11.10 desktop 32bit (light-weight Ubuntu).
    Encountered no problems.
  10. Brian Huff New Member

    Have you had any more luck in fixing the snowy screen with Acer 722s? I noticed your post in a search since I am having similar issues with our new model Acer netbooks, we have not had any issues with any other computer till this. I can build another FOG machine running 10.10 if that is the fix, but I'd like to find a way to fix my current running server.
  11. SchoolTechGuy New Member

    I was able to image the 722s after downgrading to 10.10
    However, I still ran into the same snowy / garbled screen on some Dell Optiplex 760s. After further research I found it has something to do with video drivers and Linux Kernel.

    I haven't tried this because the Ubuntu 10.10 worked, but if you already have an established FOG server, you could spend a few minutes trying different kernels before setting up a new box.

    You can try rolling back the kernel to a Kitchen Sink (KS) right in the FOG web GUI:

    "Other Info" tab => Kernel Updates
    Select and install an older Kernel (Labeled (KS))
    Click on the button below the kernel you want to try.
    It will download and install it for you, just hold tight for a few minutes.

    Try and boot to FOG menu from the client.

    Repeat with different kernel until it works.
  12. Backlash New Member

    Kernel-2.6.37.core works for the Acer Aspire 722.

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