Windows 8 support in .33?

Discussion in 'Feature Request' started by andyroo54, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. andyroo54 Community Manager


    We are starting to use win 8 occasionally.. I'd like to build an image, which I have done, however once deployed while it does work occasionally on some hardware, many times it say's "missing operating system". As the guy below points out, it's due to an incorrect boot member?

    Jesus Jordan:
    Hey guys. I'm running 0.32, not 0.33 but I wanted to share some insight to help the Windows 8 support for 0.33.

    I set up a virtual machine running Windows 8 Enterprise with a single partition and uploaded it to FOG. I ran the fogprep exe which I had to modify because it does not support Windows 8 (I just commented where you check to make sure the machine is running Windows 7 because the registry keys being modified are exactly the same in Windows 8) and I ran sysprep with my unattended xml answer file. When I tried to download the image to another machine, I received an error at boot saying "Booting... Missing Operating System". I dug into the fog source code with my boss and discovered that the issue is that there is a method that checks the os version and applies one of several mbr files that you have. Because Windows 8 is not supported and I selected Windows 7 as the host os on the fog web interface, it wrote the wrong mbr to the machine. After we copied the correct mbr from the Windows 8 master image and wrote it to the machine, it booted correctly. There still is a problem, however. The hard drive was not resized properly to the size of the new machine it was being imaged to. The new machine is showing only ~40GB which was the size of the actual fog image. Also, I the fog client is not working properly. It is not renaming the machine or joining it to the domain.

    I was just posting this to ask if windows 8 will be supported in .33?

  2. StylusPilot New Member

    Just to add to the Windows 8 support, if the FOG Agent could use the toast notifications, that would be neat.

    Ideally if you could customise the colour, background of the notifications somehow from within the FOG web interface would be really swell

    perhaps, you pick your settings, FOG web interface drops a configuration file and each agent syncs this file from the server similar to how you update the dll's
  3. snt New Member

    We are using fog 0.32 to image and deploy windows 8, and it works just fine. We use 'multiple partition image single disk' image type and select windows 7 as host os in the host settings.
    We also run the fogprep.exe before imaging but don't change anything to it, so I'm not actually sure it does anything. Also the hostname changer, joining AD and deploying snap-ins and printers from the fog server works out of the box.

    The only thing we encountered problems with was that the fog service runs by default as a local system account and once the computer joined a domain, the fog service wasn't able to install snap-ins anymore. Changing the fog service to run as a domain admin account after joining a domain solves this issue. I'm now trying to automate this with a script.
  4. ChrisG Member

    I have a similar setup as SNT. We are deploying windows 8 in mass now and have no issues. The only thing I can see is that you have to install .netfx3 Will this be changed in .33?
  5. chad-bisd Community Manager

    I am experimenting with Windows 8 and FOG 0.32. I set my OS type to Vista and use Multiple Partition Single Disk. I am not using FOGPrep, but going through sysprep in audit mode to setup the system, then sysprep to oobe.

    My only issue is not FOG related afaik, my systems aren't generated unique CMID's. I do have them auto activating Windows and Office 2013 against a Server 2012 domain controller though, so it's a partial success.
  6. ChrisG Member

    Have you had any luck with Windows store apps in audit mode? I seem stuck.
  7. chad-bisd Community Manager

    Everything I have read says do NOT install or update windows store apps in audit mode. MS says you can side load LOB apps if you need, but do not update or install any store apps before the oobe has run. It kills the sysprep run with an error about the apps not being provisioned for all users.

    I think the suggested way is to use powershell scripts run at the end of oobe to install and update any apps from the store.
  8. ChrisG Member

    Does anyone have a sample powershell script for installs?
  9. The Dealman Member

    Very interesting i'm going lab this right now because i have the setup as you
  10. The Dealman Member

    When you do a upload or push what does it say for you file system type? mine says raw & it take 9 to 12 hours per computer like this
  11. Jaymes Driver Developer

    When I set up a Windows 8 Virtual box, for imaging, and I am ready to upload my image, I always choose Windows 7 as the OS type, Multiple Partition, All disks (Non-Resizable) as the type, and I NEVER run fogprep, only sysprep. This will cause it to upload as yes a RAW format which takes a little longer to upload, but it shouldn't take THAT long to upload.

    So far is seems that your set up is fine.

    When you said you are pushing an image are you pushing a virtual image? It's really recommended you use Virtual Box and set your image up for deployment there. After sysprep upload to your FOG server.

    Have you used the machines you are currently working with before? Have you imaged them with FOG before?
    the reason I ask is because if the drivers aren't available in the Kernel when it boots then you can get some pretty shotty speeds.

    I built my own custom kernel including the drivers necessary and I can upload a ~30gb image in under 20 minutes.

    something else to consider, if you have jetdirect cards or any printers on the same network as the machines imaging, un plug the printer until you are done casting, I don't know if the cards are causing a loop back or what, but I notice a SUBSTANTIAL increase in time (13+ hours) when I leave those damn printers on!

    I can't answer much about the CMID, as I didn't even activate it was more or less a test to see if the hardware could handle the OS and if the software we were using could handle the OS. The image booted fine, and the software worked well, boss man just decided to stick with 7 this year.
  12. The Dealman Member

    How long does it take you to upload and push a raw image? I'm not using any virtual apps because i have physical test machines (1 of each model i have in my network). I'm test windows 8 deployment on the dell inspiron 15z right now.
  13. Jaymes Driver Developer

    I see, I use to image that way as well. Just make sure to sysprep before uploading to fog, you shouldn't have any problems releasing the CMID information for a new client. Each Windows OS has a built in number of "re-arms" for imaging anyway.

    I'm uploading a raw image as I type this and so far it has taken 11 min and 14 min remain. Image size 23.24 gb. uploading at ~920 mib/min.

    I'd look into a custom kernel or using the "Kitchen Sink" kernel. Have you tried deploying? Does it also take just as long to deploy as upload?
  14. The Dealman Member

    I have tried those KitchenSinks in the past & they have been hit or miss for me. I found kernel that had the network driver in on this site under the hardware section i think. At this time i'm fighting the error
    unable to move /images/dev/macaddress to /images/name-of-image

    I tried the steps here but none of those worked. I had this issue before but i don't recall what i did to resolve it
  15. The Dealman Member

    I actually may have what thought of what the issue is with what i'm doing. I started reading up on ahci for the sata mode type in the bios, in the past with my windows 7 images i used ata mode. I'm going to try and change it to that & see if it works or not. It's been a while since i had to create a new image so i may have had a brain fart
  16. mlb2009 Member

    Windows 7 support will also be good
  17. Tom Elliott Senior Developer

    Windows 7 is already supported in 0.32, and as such would be supported in 0.33

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