Getting FOG Project
The latest release of FOG Project is 1.5.10, released March 5th 2023.

At this time, a FOG server installation is only supported on a computer running Linux. We recommend using a Long Term Support distribution meant for servers, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Rocky or Alma Linux. We also recommend installing FOG Project inside a virtual machine, to aide in easy backups and upgrades.

You can download a pre-packaged tarball or ZIP archive of the latest release of FOG Project, v1.5.10: TAR.GZ or ZIP.
Please verify that your download matches one of the following sha256 checksums:
2b347772f7d225aac8ee0a1a4c1c140c3e63199a9aecc070fd3b14d88c4f4758  fogproject-1.5.10.tar.gz
To install FOG Project, an internet connection is required. During installation, it will download other binaries and install any needed dependencies. More detailed guides can be found in our documentation, however, installation is as simple as extracting the tarball and running the install script:
sudo -i
tar xvzf fogproject-1.5.10.tar.gz
cd fogproject-1.5.10/bin
Next Steps
Once installed, check out the docs for more information and guides. If you need help head over to the forums.