Anyone in Seattle willing to train?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jack Nolan, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Jack Nolan New Member

    Maybe a day or two? Small independent school needs help.

    let me know

    jnolan at eastsideprep dot org

  2. Fog_Rookie Member

    Are you still looking for some help with fog?
  3. Jack Nolan New Member

    I'm getting it figured out. Thanks for your reply though. Are you in the Seattle area?
  4. Fog_Rookie Member

    No I am on the other side of the state. I am a student worker for a small college that uses fog to image 3 computer labs in one of our buildings. We have a 2 versions of fog server that are running right now and I am playing around with building our next version running Ubuntu 12.04 and fog 0.32
  5. falko Community Manager

    what are you struggling with?
  6. Jack Nolan New Member

    I've watched the videos, read many documents online. I'm starting to get the whole process down.

    I can upload an image to the Fog Server, seemingly without incident.

    It's now when I deploy I'm having issues. I have an image uploaded that isn't sys-prepped, just a basic image. I did this because when my initial attempts failed, they blew out Windows so I had to start over. This was an attempt to save some time.

    But I can't get them to boot. After they deploy, without incident or error, the client goes to boot and it just says disk is unreadable, hit control+alt+delete to restart.

    The image uploaded fine and seemed to deploy just fine. Not sure what went wrong.

    Any help is welcome. I'm new to this and don't know command lines very much, so dumb it down for me as much as you can.

  7. falko Community Manager

    Not sure if you know about Virtualbox if you do great, if not reply if you need help [IMG]

    Highly recommend Virtualbox because it's free, simple and it lets you take snapshots.

    1. Build your windows 7 Image as a virtual machine
    2. defrag C drive
    3. From Command Promt run: chkdsk /f
    4. just before you run sysprep you take a snapshot using virtualbox
    5. run FOG PREP,
    6. Sysprep machine and upload. (also suggest you use an unattended xml file) but for now whilst testing
    from command promt run : sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown

    Once uploaded you just undo the snapshot and your ready to modify, update and create a new Image.

    You can also export your image at any snapshot point to backup as a single file. Virtualbox runs on windows and Linux.
  8. Jack Nolan New Member

    I need help with the unattend file. I just want it to join the machines to the domain. I don't need OOBE or anything else. Can you help with that??
  9. chad-bisd Community Manager

    Sysprep with Windows 7 will not correctly rename and join computers to the domain. It does the join to domain before the rename. Means you get computers in the domain named WIN02349XXDF0S, when the computer is really named BOB.

    Install the FOG Client (http://[yourfogserver]/fog/client) on your image and let fog rename and join the computer to the domain. You'll need to get FOGCrypt onto a windows machine to encrypt the password you use to authenticate to the domain, but there is info in the wiki on how to do that.
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