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Discussion in 'General' started by kirksec, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. kirksec Member

    Hey guys

    I have managed to add Hiren's Boot CD to the PXE Boot menu, but its take forever to load (Probably because its quite a big image) any way of getting it to load up Faster ?

  2. kirksec Member

    And also i am looking to add this to the FOG PXE Boot Menu Configuration and i would like to add a password , Any assistance would be awesome

  3. ssx4life Member

    Your speed of loading the .iso into memory is based off of your network, the hdd speed of your server, and the size of the file.

    What I would suggest is use Hiren's latest tool to "slim" down the tool to a smaller more manageable size, or even better add TWO options to the boot menu. One for a vanilla (untouched and larger) .iso and a slimmer, smaller one for what you want to do.

    My best guess is you are on a 10/100 network (just a hunch).

    As far as a password goes, you can add a password to the default file. Look here for an example of how -
  4. Kevin Community Manager

    I've noticed that when I boot an ISO off of FOG it only goes at 4 MB/sec to load the ISO. I know that the hardware is not the issue. Gbe to all computers (10Gbe to the switches), 15k speed drives in the servers running on a 10 core CPU (20 with hyper-threading).
  5. kirksec Member

    Thanks for that, i figured its probably the size of the iso
    The link was useful thanks! its now password protected
    I tried looking for the tool that you can use to "slim" down the Boot CD , anyway you could share some light on that for me ?

  6. Smog Member

    Hi everyone,

    I think that what ssx4life means is to extract Hiren's .iso file and use HBCDCustomizer to edit the image. For example, I have tried editing it deleting the folder containing Windows programs and keeping DOS programs, where the size of the file is now 80 MB, instead of the originally 500 MB aprox.
    Now, the booting time reduces dramatically!
  7. kirksec Member

    Thats exactly what i wanted to know, thanks
  8. ssx4life Member

    smog hit the nail on the head. ;) thanks.

    you can also have a vanilla (unedited .iso) as well as a second customized .iso in your boot menu. Gives you more flexibility.

  9. kirksec Member

    i managed to get that iso down to just over a 100mb's so its loading up much faster now :)
    Managed to password protect it as well!
  10. rescueme911 New Member

    Hello Friends,

    I have seen that on my friends computer that Some computers use the 'Delete' key to get into BIOS. Change the boot order to CD (or DVD if you are loading a larger file such as Vista beta). Hit the 'Delete' key during the initial screen.

    Thanks & Regards, @ Rescueme911
  11. Catsrules Member

    I have notice that as well. Anyway we could speed this up? Or it is just how tftp is.

    I was thinking of putting ultimate boot cd on there but it is like 600 megs.
  12. Kevin Community Manager

    So the real question being, what is the default block size of TFTP that FOG uses, and is there a way to increase it?

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