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Discussion in 'General' started by Catsrules, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Catsrules Member

    I setup my images folder to be a mount to a SAMBA share.
    But now it am receiving


    This is sounding like an access problem. I tried the Chmod and Chown the /images folder but is get access denied, even with the sudo command.
    This is the permission on the images folder. It is also the permission on all of the files inside the images folder.
    The SAMBA server is a windows server 2008 box, the user account the fog server is useing to access the share has full access, to that share. Both locally and remotely

    Is this even possible to do?


    BTW, LOVE THE NEW FOURMS!!! the edit button is my Favorite :)
  2. chad-bisd Community Manager

    You're images didn't come through for me. Try again?
  3. Catsrules Member

    O Sorry, guess my web server is having problems (AGAIN), well Dropbox to the rescue.
    They should be going through now.
  4. chad-bisd Community Manager

    Can you try exporting the share through NFS on the windows server?
  5. Catsrules Member

    After thinking it over, I decided to just buy a new drive, to store images on, then backup the images, to the windows file server.
    I think I will be better performance doing it this way, would you agree?

    If I get some spare time, I might try a NFS share, and see how it goes.

  6. chad-bisd Community Manager

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