Is there any way to pxe boot from the lan when i cannot enable it from bios

Discussion in 'General' started by falko, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. falko Community Manager

    I have recently started a new job, and I am now looking to image the Dell Laptops we have LATITUDE | 2100 (30ish)
    though they have a bios password and the school does not know it. So i am unable to allow the option of Network Booting from F12. I have spoke to Dell who have provided a few passwords but do not work either.

    Is there any way to pxe boot from the lan when in a situation like this?

  2. ssx4life Member

    yes and no.... (depending on the model of dell and how new it is).

    If you have network booting already enabled (by default) on some dell models it typically is the last post / boot option for the laptop. You can test this by disconnecting the hard drive / optical drive / remove any USB devices and plug in a network cable and turn the laptop on.

    If the laptop doesn't see any standard bootable devices it will jump down it's list of "working options". If PXE is at the bottom of that list it will PXE boot and allow you to image / inventory the equipment.

    This is by no means ideal as you have figured out (F12 and or F2 to enter the bios and change the boot order is best).

    It's the only solution I could think of other than getting the master bios password reset (Google it I suppose if Dell comes up empty). I think Hirens also had an option for this (if you can get a CD to boot).

    Best of luck, let us know how it goes.
  3. falko Community Manager

    yeah I can boot cd/usb's.

    I have tried Hirens 15.1 but with no luck
    thanks for response
  4. ssx4life Member

  5. ssx4life Member

  6. falko Community Manager

    Thanks for the info, I'm off for a few days but will write back next week

  7. chad-bisd Community Manager

    does F10 bring up a boot menu.
  8. falko Community Manager

    yes it does pxe boot is not in there though
  9. falko Community Manager

    okay, was sure i left a follow up comment.

    anyways, for the bunch of laptops that I am unable to network boot, I have been booting them up with clonezilla and selecting Boot Via ipxe, works great.

    thanks for comments
  10. IT @ CC Member

    Have you looked at removing the bios password so you can make the changes?
  11. falko Community Manager

    yeah but i don't know how, my boss doesn't now password is, previous tech doesn't know. we have tried all passwords we use. have contacted dell and the reseller they used to no joy. is there another way?
  12. IT @ CC Member

    yeh, should be a jumper or remove internal battery. I have the same machines, I'll take a look for you on Wednesday / Friday.
  13. falko Community Manager

    as far as I know the other tech has tried that, I will double check with one on wednesday when I get in,

    let me know how you get on
  14. IT @ CC Member

    I've found a document on doing it. Will need to create a manual jumper with a paperclip. I don't mind giving it a go. We have cover so if I blow it up, we will get it replaced :)
  15. falko Community Manager

    Oh cool, can you email it.

    Appreciate the help
  16. IT @ CC Member

    I have found some more information that I think would be even better. I'll test it, then send it over Wednesday.
    See, UK chum.. this could be good..
  17. falko Community Manager

    Cheers sounds good
  18. Kevin Community Manager

  19. falko Community Manager

    cheers, i'll check that out tomorrow. My BIOS is already password protected though?
  20. Kevin Community Manager

    I could be wrong, but I think that will still override it. That program will give you access to features you never even knew you had on the BIOS. For instance, set the machine to PXE boot at the next restart automatically.

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