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Discussion in 'General' started by Blackout, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Blackout Developer

    I would like to welcome all users to the new FOG forums!

    These forums are to replace the old Sourceforge forums. While not linked into Sourceforge, these forums provide many features missing in the old Sourceforge forums... like edit!

    If you notice any issues, or think we can improve. Please feel free to send me a PM.
  2. chad-bisd Community Manager

    YAY edit!

    just making sure I can really edit!
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  3. Chuck Syperski Project Lead

    Great job Blackout!
  4. rhythmtone Member

    But we will still be able to read/view the old Sourceforge FOG forums, right?

    I understand why new posts belong here (and thank you for all of the work setting all of this up), but it would be a shame to lose that body of information because I am sure that much of it will continue to remain relevant for quite a few more cycles.

    I have seen a few of these floating around, and it is statements like these that are a little bit worrying,
    "We will be shutting down access to the old forums at Source Forge January 1st, 2012"

    Thanks again to all of the FOG contributors!!
  5. Chuck Syperski Project Lead

    The problem is that sf doesn't support (as far as I can tell) putting a forum is read-only mode. We understand that we are burning a lot of information, but I think it will be better in the long term to prevent fragmentation and user confusion.
  6. Blackout Developer

    I'm looking at writing something to scrap the information.
  7. Chuck Syperski Project Lead

    My thought is that it might not be worth the time. In a short period of time the same information will be populated in this forum. I am of the mindset of just starting clean. If we were able to put the old forum in RO mode, then that would be a good stop guess measure.
  8. Blackout Developer

    We (and users) can always post into the 'How-to' forum as well.
  9. Lysyan New Member

    hey there!
    Just arrived from SF and here looks sooo more comfortable. It's good to have
    all the informations in the same place. Having total control on them.
    And this forum platform rocks!

    have a nice day!
  10. Slipp3d New Member

    some new digs to call home ...

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