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Discussion in 'General' started by Kevin, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Kevin Community Manager

    I'm writing to see what tools, if any, you guys use or prefer to use to monitor your *nix servers. Currently we are running two FOG servers where I work and would like to be kept in the loop in case of failures before it's really well known to others. We have 2 servers as of now, and may add more down the road. Basically, we'd like to monitor if any of the following fails:

    basically all of the core components to make FOG run.

    Any suggestions or software that you use/recommend to monitor these functions on the servers?
  2. Blackout Developer

  3. Chuck Syperski Project Lead

    I would second Zabbix
  4. Fernando Gietz Developer

  5. Blackout Developer

    Nagios is good, but really old these days.

    If you use Nagios, grab 'Medusa' to set it up. It makes things a lot easier.
  6. Fernando Gietz Developer

    Good, I say: "We use Nagios", I should say: "The university use, or Network Departament use Nagios to monitor the servers". I don't know if they use 'Medusa' to setup it. I ask them about it :)
  7. Mike White New Member

  8. Rayno New Member

    Nagios is a great monitoring tool, once it's setup. Medusa sound interesting, tried googling it but no luck
    Trying zabbix for the first time, (VMware download) looks promising, thanks for sharing
    Opsview is another product to look into, based on Nagios but much more easier to setup

    Ive got a project to implement a monitoring server and Nagios was/is leading choice but zabbix is something else to think about
  9. gondouin New Member

    More simple, we are using a munin server and munin-node on the monitored servers.
    No alerts, but a single look and we can see if there's a problem.
  10. Blackout Developer

    Munin is great! Especially for small, simple setups

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